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Launch Of A Brand New Podcast Featuring Dan Hurst Plus Reviews and Promotions of the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Fiat and Alfa Romeo Models!

March 24, 2017

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Canada's Dodge Cast Episode #1- April 2017

April 5, 2017

Welcome to a brand new episode of “The DodgeCast” Podcast; your Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM exclusive insight into one of the most exciting vehicle lineup in the country!


In this episode, we are talking about the massive Power of Zero shocking vehicle owners from coast-to-coast this April. We’re also investigating how lucky Canadian drivers have found a way to get their hands on the hottest models of the Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM family, without having to pay a penny in interest for up to 7 years!


So grab the wheel with both hands because we’re going pedal to the metal towards more fun and more savings! This is “The DodgeCast.” Trust me; you’re not going to want to miss this show!


Hi and welcome to this first episode of “The DodgeCast.” I’m honored and excited you decided to join us for the launch of our brand new baby. I’m going to have the privilege of being the official voice of the podcast and your host every episode. But I want you to know that this project is seeing the light of day because of the efforts and the passion of a whole team of automotive aficionados and avid fans of the Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM family who are working hard behind the scenes to bring you the valuable information I will have the opportunity to share with you each time we meet.


So why “The DodgeCast”? Well, in a nutshell, I would say the legacy of the brands and its impact on people’s lives over many generations. Think about the feelings and memories that are triggered when I mention some of their models or brands like the RAM, for example, Canada’s Longest-Lasting Light-Duty Pickups, and Canadian Truck King Challenge 3-time winner. OK, let me try with my deepest rugged voice: RAM, Guts&Glory!


…see what I mean? It’s weaved in the fiber of our lives!


How about the 75 years of heritage and history of a brand like Jeep and its legendary off-road 4x4 capability and the only brand to offer Trail Rated Certified vehicles.


Or their muscle cars like the Charger, in my opinion, the nicest looking sports sedan in the marketplace, and the meanest if you consider the Hellcat edition. And what about the Challenger, whom we could argue is as big of a star as Vin Diesel in the Fast & Furious movie franchise.


Even some of their engines have an identity of their own. Think about the famous and remarkable HEMI? I remember my first experience driving a model with a HEMI engine under the hood a few years ago, and it was both exhilarating and scary. My encounter with “the HEMI” was during one of my travels to German driving on the AutoBahn where there are no speed limits. I could push the pedal at any speed and feel the insane acceleration and that roaring and addicting sound of the engine. Even when I was driving over 150 kilometers per hour, my back would still sink in the seat when I would floor the pedal, hence the “scary” part of my love story with the HEMI engines.



One of our producers was telling me how him and is wife built their company on the back of a Dodge Magnum and how it helped them deliver hundreds of tons of flyers, and carried them safely over 200,000km through all types of weather to meet with customers.


Somebody else was telling me the story of their hockey family, and how their Dodge Grand Caravan helped them get all the kids in the neighborhood to hockey games and practices which ended up getting them all through college.


You see, that why I’m so excited by “The DodgeCast,” because every individual and family in this country have countless stories like these of how a vehicle from the Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM family has helped them achieve their dreams, big or small. Other stories might not be as exciting or spectacular but think about all the people who get to their job safely every day and all the memories from road trips or family vacations accumulated over generations.


That’s what gets me excited about this project and our time together!


Now let’s jump right in and talk about this Power of Zero Event sweeping the nation. What does the power of zero stand for you might ask? In a world where we are surrounded by marketing taglines and hype, it could be easy to miss the true essence of the opportunity.


After interviewing some of our official “DodgeCast” dealers, I would put it this way: The Power of Zero is the powerful opportunity for Canadian vehicle drivers to finally get the vehicle they need now and pay for it over several years without paying a penny in interests.


One of our dealers said it this way: “Buying a new vehicle at 0% is the same as paying cash for your vehicle, but not having to make one big check for the lump sum when you leave with the vehicle. The Power of Zero lets you make small convenient payments that fit your budget while saving thousands of dollars in the process.”


Another one of our official “DodgeCast” dealers said the Power of Zero is also the ability for families to upgrade to a safer vehicle without having to put a penny down on approved credit… another big Power of ZERO playing to your advantage!


I’m personally thinking of the Power of Zero as the “zero worries” vehicle owners could enjoy with a brand new Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM model covered by a 5-year or 100,000-kilometre* fully transferable Powertrain Warranty with $0 deductible, plus 24-hour roadside assistance… I like zero problems!


Are you starting to see how the Power of Zero could positively affect your life?


If you are, let’s get into the nitty-gritty for a few minutes and review a few specific incentives on some of the Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM models you might be interested in. I want to show you how some Canadian vehicle drivers are taken advantage of incredible programs this April to upgrade to the model they’ve been dreaming about.


Let’s start with families looking for a minivan. First, let me tell you that if you already drive a minivan, you could qualify for a loyalty bonus cash worth up to $1,000 towards the purchase or lease of the Dodge Grand Caravan or the Chrysler Pacifica. Most models of the Dodge Caravan family, Canada’s best-selling minivan for over 32 years will also get you an extra $1,000 Caravan bonus cash plus up to $6,500 in Consumer Cash. Most models of the Chrysler Pacifica family, the most technologically advanced minivan ever will get you a $1,500 Pacifica bonus cash.


Now if you haven’t taken the Pacifica for a test drive yet, you should. There’s so much technology in this vehicle that it’s more like a mini-spaceship than a minivan!


But if you would prefer a crossover instead of a minivan, you can opt for the Dodge Journey, the most versatile vehicle in its class with over 50 standard and available safety features. Just like the Caravan, the Journey will provide you with a $1,000 Journey Bonus Cash. It will also get you up to $1,500 in Consumer Cash; and all three models, the Caravan, the Pacifica and the Journey, are available with 0% interest for 84 months on approved credit during our Power of Zero event.



We even have a $500 bonus cash if your credit is less them perfect.

Now if you have your eyes on the Jeep model, make sure to ask your official “DodgeCast” dealer about the up to $2,000 in loyalty and conquest bonus cash you could enjoy if you’re a qualified current Jeep, CUV or SUV vehicle owner.

On the RAM side of thighs, you could get up to $7,750 in consumer cash, take advantage of up to $1,500 in bonus cash if you are an eligible current truck owner or skilled trades and get a no-charge Cummins turbo diesel engine valued at $9,345 if you are considering our Heavy Duty models. These incentives could allow you to save up to $10,845 in total discounts!


That’s another big Zero, as in zero reasons NOT to get into the brand new RAM model you’ve been thinking about owning!


Now I’ve been talking about our official “DodgeCast” dealers, and you might be wondering what’s the benefit for you to visit one of them versus any other Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealer, and the answer is simple. Our official “DodgeCast” dealers are not only fluent and knowledgeable in the Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM models and incentives, but they are also experts in helping you get the maximum amount of money possible for your current vehicle.


Getting the maximum amount of money for your current vehicle will reduce the price of the new model, reduce the taxes you will pay, and reduce the amount of your payments. That’s incredibly important!


Now, how do our dealers help you practically? Well, every official “DodgeCast” dealer has an Exclusive Private Sale representative onsite at the dealership who will work with you exclusively and privately to help you sell your current vehicle for the maximum amount of money possible. Now that’s an exclusive offer!


To find an official “DodgeCast” dealer is easy because they proudly all carry the

official “DodgeCast” Web banner right on the home page of their Website. You can click on this banner, and it will lead you to an interactive video that will provide you with all the current promotions and specials you could qualify for. You will also be able to complete a quick Webform that will provide your official “DodgeCast” Exclusive Private Sale agent all the information they need to immediately start working with you to get you all the money possible for your current vehicle. You can complete the form right now from the comfort of your home or office before you even come into the dealership.


That’s the advantage of dealing with an official “DodgeCast” dealer.


Well, I hoped you enjoyed today’s show. I know I did. I invite you now to take advantage of the Power of Zero for yourself and your family. Click on the official “DodgeCast” banner and get the maximum amount of money possible for your current vehicle so you can get into the brand new Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM model of your dreams.



I would also encourage you to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Google Play. Make sure to leave us a few comments and your favorite Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM story so we can talk about your favorite models and the issues that are important to your automotive lives. We’re making this show for you so, without your feedback, we can’t make it better.



Until next time, drive safe, be courteous on the roads and take advantage of the Power of Zero. This was “The DodgeCast,” your Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM exclusive insight into one of the most exciting vehicle lineup in the country!

See you next time!





The DodgeCast Podcast is produced by Sean Cassy and Turbo Marketing Solutions. All Rights Reserved.

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