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Launch Of A Brand New Podcast Featuring Dan Hurst Plus Reviews and Promotions of the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Fiat and Alfa Romeo Models!

March 24, 2017

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Learn How The Dodge Brand Has Been Part Of The Fabric Of Our Lives For Decades

May 9, 2018



Manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Corporation, Dodge is an American automobile brand based in Michigan. Founded in the 1900’s by brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge, the company in its earliest times went by the name of the Dodge Brothers Company.


While Dodge has been owned by Chrysler since 1928, it is of interest to note that Dodge pre-dated Chrysler in business for nearly twenty-four years and that a series of unfortunate circumstances led to the demise of the Dodge Brothers and subsequent sale to Chrysler Corporation.


What began as a supply business for automobile parts for Ford Motor Company and other automakers based in the Detroit area, soon evolved into the production of complete vehicles under the name “Dodge Brothers.”  Both of the brothers were actively involved in the supply and sale of parts to auto manufacturers, but John held the distinction of being the vice president of the Ford Motor Company.


After leaving Ford in 1913, John and Horace founded Dodge Brothers and experienced spectacular success with their production of all-new vehicles. By 1919, Henry Ford bought out the Dodge Brothers Ford shareholdings for an astounding amount of $25 million, which led to the brothers have free reign in terms of innovation, creation, and productivity in their business. However, within the span of a year, tragedy struck both brothers.


1920 was largely defined by the influenza epidemic that resulted in the demise of innumerable people. Horace and John Dodge both fell ill to influenza and subsequently died in 1920. By 1925, the widows of the two brothers sold the Dodge automobile company to investment bankers for the sum of $146 million. Passing through a series of corporate hands, Dodge ultimately ended up being bought by Chrysler in 1928.

Since its foray into the automotive market, Dodge vehicles have resonated with a broad base of buyers. Mainly consisting of full-size passenger cars and trucks, Dodge’s vehicle lineup exemplified the American virtues of hard work and dedication.



Read on below to discover more about Dodge, its history, and its most popular cars today.

Although Dodge has long been regarded as the brand of choice for heavy-duty trucks and substantial passenger cars, there has been notable additions to the roster of models in the form of the Dodge Dart (1963-1976) and the “B-Body Coronet” and “B-Body Charger: (1962-1979.)

Through the passage of time and multiple ownership changes, Dodge has recast itself many times as a premier maker of vehicles ranging from light-duty trucks to performance muscle cars featuring unparalleled performance capabilities.

Early 1900’s

Dodge Brothers Company is founded by brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge.


The company is primarily a supplier of automotive parts to Detroit area automotive companies.



The Dodge Brothers Company begins building complete vehicles under the shortened name “Dodge Brothers.”


The very first Dodge, produced was produced in November of 1914, featured a four-cylinder engine with a wheelbase of 110 inches, and cost a relatively affordable $785.

22,000 eager consumers flooded dealerships with purchase requests.



The Dodge brothers both succumb to influenza in 1920.


1916: Second generation Dodge vehicle was built with a larger 114-inch wheelbase.

1919: Dodge launches an all-new enclosed four-door sedan automobile.

1922: Dodge introduces the first ever all-steel two-door vehicle.



1925: The Dodge family surviving members sell the company to Dillon, Read & Co.


1927: Dodge introduces the first six-cylinder car named the “Senior Six,” featuring a robust 116-inch wheelbase, 60 horsepower, and pricing aimed at a higher-end clientele.


1928: Dodge Brothers is sold once again, this time to Chrysler



Adapting to Chryslers streamlined lineup, Dodge pares down its vehicle offerings to just two lines featuring thirteen models, down from three lines and nineteen models.

In the mid 30’s Dodge added a high-performance eight-cylinder option, replacing the former six-cylinder option.



1939 ushered in the 25th-anniversary Luxury Liner series, ultimately becoming a best seller by 1940.

The Luxury Liner was redesigned in 1940, 1941, and 1941 in response to consumer demand.



In 1953, Virgil Exner became the corporate design chief for Dodge.


1953: Introduction of the very first Dodge V8 engine (the Red Ram HEMI.)

Dodge body styles began featuring smaller proportions with a more rounded aesthetic. Sales dropped quickly as the public did not respond well to the aesthetics of the car.

1954: Introduction of the Powerflite full automatic transmission.


1957: Introduction of a three-speed automatic transmission.



1961: Introduction of a redesigned Lancer and a full-sized Custom 880.


1965: Full-size models become “new” mid-sized models.


1965: Dodge revives the Coronet nameplate.


1965: Dodge unveils a fastback muscle car called the Charger.


1965: Introduction of the mid-range Monaco and Polara vehicles



1971: Right before the oil crisis hits, Dodge partners with Mitsubishi to produce a Challenger revival featuring a comparatively mild 4-cylinder engine; a far cry from the earlier Challenger days with its lively V8 performance.


1976: The Aspen replaces the Dart, while the Diplomat replaces both the Charger and Coronet.


1980’s - 1990’s

Dodge merged with Daimler-Benz AG in 1998, becoming DaimlerChrysler.



The Dodge brand lives on despite its many ownership changes, 2009 federal bailout, and its bankruptcy filing.


Bought out by Fiat, Dodge is alive and well today, with an impressive lineup of cars such as the Charger, Challenger, Journey, Durango, Neon, and Grand Caravan.

Popular Dodge Models


Dodge Journey



The Dodge Journey features Canada’s best-selling engine: a 3.6L VVT. Proclaimed by industry experts as the most versatile crossover vehicle in its class, the Dodge Journey has proven itself to be an exceptional seller across a wide consumer base.


For 2018, the Dodge Journey offers all-new ultra-refined interiors featuring top-caliber comfort, versatility, efficiency, and convenience.





$30.190 with standard features


SE Plus, SXT, Crossroad, GT


6-speed automatic transmission


  • Ergonomic interior construction featuring soft-touch materials for a luxuriant look and feel

  • Convenient keyless “Enter and Go” entry

  • Full-length floor console

  • Built-in storage bins (Second row)

  • Split fold rear seats offering a cargo capacity of 67.6 cubic feet

  • Seats up to seven people comfortably

  • Premium quality, spacious centre console

  • Option for UConnect 3 Multimedia Centre

  • Four different seating material options to choose from

  • Eight exterior colour options

  • Power sunroof

Dodge Grand Caravan



The Dodge Grand Caravan has been the best-selling minivan in Canada for over thirty-three years. Featuring an impressively designed passenger seating area, the Grand Caravan can comfortably fit seven people and is configurable into eighty-one interior combinations. The immense versatility of the Grand Caravan is accented by its array of convenience features that will be sure to please even the most discerning of drivers.





$24,390 base with standard features


SE Plus, SXT, SXT Plus, SXT Premium Plus, Blacktop, Crew, Crew Plus, GT


3.6L Pentastar V6



  • Options for ParkView Backup camera ParkSense assist system

  • Super “stow n go” seating (second row)

  • Eighty-one standard and available security, safety, and tech features

  • Full-length floor console

  • Built-in storage bins (Second row)

  • Split fold rear seats

  • Seats up to seven people comfortably

  • “Super console”

  • Option for UConnect 3 Multimedia Centre

  • Six different seating material options to choose from

  • Six exterior colour options

Dodge Challenger



The Challenger is Dodge’s venerable muscle car, sought after by auto enthusiasts worldwide. A tasteful steady in fluid design, roaring performance, and a striking countenance, the Dodge Challenger is very much a “beautiful beast.”


Replete with racing-inspired performance amenities along with a well-appointed cabin offering plenty of luxuriant comforts, the Dodge Challenger also comes available in countless color and trim combos.


Enthusiasts can pick from an array of customizable elements including an astounding fifteen different seat fabrics in leather, fabric or even a Houndstooth design. Exterior paint colours are available in twelve options, with racy bold colors to elegantly subdued neutrals.


The Dodge Challenger’s incomparable array of customization options makes it a top contender for auto enthusiasts worldwide.





Starting at $33,045


SXT, SXT Plus, All Wheel Drive GT


6-speed automatic transmission


  • ParkView Rear Backup Camera

  • Standard Torqueflite eight-speed V6 engine with 305 horsepower and 268 pounds of torque

  • Seats up to five people

  • Option for UConnect 4 Multimedia Centre

  • Twelve exterior colour options

  • Power sunroof

  • Driver-centric design

  • Intuitive electronic shifter

  • Premium leather interiors or available Houndstooth seat design

  • Wrapped leather steering wheel

  • Ten-way power driver’s seat

  • Option for Sirius XM Travel Link, Guardian

  • SRT Performance Drive Modes

  • Real-time performance metrics including G-force, turn-by-turn directions, and reaction time

  • Tic-Toc-Tach Gauges


Popular Dodge Vehicles in Films and Television



Dodge vehicles have been displayed in popular movies and television for decades. In fact, one of the most common vehicles shown in family-oriented films and television series was the venerable Dodge Caravan Minivan with its familiar wood paneling, boxy design, and highly accessible price point.


Vintage films and television shows that were geared towards younger viewers also very often showed Dodge muscles cars such as the massive, powerful Challenger and all its brawny performance capabilities.


In modern times, Dodge vehicles remain very often seen in movies and television. From the brand’s heavy-duty trucks to their high-performance muscle cars, Dodge remains a perennial choice for media productions.


The versatility of Dodge cars along with their tough and brawny appeal renders them perfect for the movie and television industry as integral components of their productions that are highly relatable to viewers.



Read on to view snapshots of Dodge vehicles used in contemporary media.


1970 Dodge Challenger in Gone in 60 Seconds


Late Model Dodge Challenger in The Pussycat Dolls: When I Grow Up


Late Model Dodge Challenger in Mischief: Joyride


Dodge Charger in the Fast and the Furious (2001)


1969 Dodge Charger R/T 440 in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry


Since its early beginnings, Dodge has been mired in extraordinary events that had taken the company on a turbulent ride throughout the decades. The entrepreneurial spirit of the Dodge brothers took them on a journey from a small-scale supply company to a wildly popular national automobile manufacturer with an increasing number of loyal patrons’ year after year.


The sudden, shocking death of the Dodge brothers sent the company into a tailspin that would ultimately last for decades. Their beloved company would go on to be sold to many multinational corporations, from Chrysler to Daimler Benz, and finally to Fiat Corporation.


Throughout many rises and falls, Dodge has prevailed over the greater part of the last few decades. Groundbreaking vehicles have been introduced by Dodge, most notably the highly sought-after Dodge Charger, popularized in films such as the Fast and the Furious.


Today, Dodge offers a lineup of well-appointed cars packed full of convenience features and priced at accessible price points. Well regarded by Canadian consumers, Dodge continues to be a bestselling brand, with its Grand Caravan Minivan holding the distinction as the top-selling minivan in Canada for the last thirty-three years.


Savvy consumers recognize the quality exhibited in Dodges latest fleet of vehicles. From the Durango to the Charger, the Challenger to the Journey, Dodge has captured the Canadian market by offering vehicles for every individual need, desire, and budget.


Industry forecasters state that in the coming years, Dodge will continue its market prowess, likely unveiling more vehicles that encompass the top-notch convenience, versatility, safety, and comfort found in Dodge automobiles. With their broad selection of vehicles catering to an array of buyers, Dodge will inevitably remain a top pick in the Canadian market as well as the global market.

Sean Cassy is the Digital Marketing Specialist and Co-Owner of Turbo Marketing SolutionYour Digital Automotive Company.. You can contact him by email here or reach him by phone every weekday at Turbo Marketing’s head office

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